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Asparagus season typically runs from May until Mid-June!
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About Aspararagus
~At the farm we grow, pick, and package the asparagus for you!
~Our asparagus is hand picked by snapping the spears at ground level. This minimizes waste on the end of the spears.
~We sell our asparagus by the pound, pre-weighed for you.
~Asparagus is a durable vegetable, however, it should be placed into a fridge as soon as possible.
~The optimal shelf life of asparagus is about 7-10 days if stored properly.
~Asparagus freezing is slightly challenging due to the fact that if done improperly it can change the texture, but it can be done! We recommend doing a quick blanching, followed by a cold water rinse, and then freezing it bags for up to a year.